Note - We have recently subscribed to a printing service known as PrinterLogic to manage our printers; allowing us to print from anywhere. It also removes the burdens of having to manually install printers and manage drivers on an on-premise server. You will have to follow these steps depending on what your default browser is. Edge is not supported.

Printerlogic client install - Chrome

Browse to your company’s PrinterCloud URL

Click “Install” to add the chrome extension



Click “Add to Chrome”




click “add to chrome”

Click “Add Extension”

Close the tab

Click “install”




Run the downloaded exe file

Allow the file to be installed 

  • Click Next
  • Click Install
  • Click Finish

Click “Current User”




Enter Authorization Code

Please ask I.T about the PrinterLogic authorization code to complete this process.  

Find the printer you would like to install and click to start the installation.

 At this point, you should be able to install any printers published to you.